• Lasts 2009 Test-time!

    Bold anything true

    1. I woke up in the afternoon today.
    2. I have at least three picture frames in my room.
    3. My trash can is full.
    4. I love snow globes, but I’d never buy one.
    5. I use my regular phone more than my cell phone.

    6. I’m single, but I don’t want to be.
    7. My hair is layered. You can barely tell.
    8. I hate the term “best friend,” but I use it anyway.
    9. I get along with my mom more than my dad.
    10. I like making beaded bracelets.
    11. I’ve never run for class president/treasurer, etc.
    12. Most of my friends are white.

    13. I have over 150 CDs in my collection.
    14. I would rather listen to the radio than CDs.
    15. I own whiteout, but I barely ever use it.
    16. I’m very shy until you get to know me.
    17. Some take my shyness as being mean/rude.
    18. Most people probably don’t understand me.
    19. I have a very random sense of humor.

    20. I do not consider myself attractive.
    21. I feel that I’m more mature than most people my age.
    22. …But not all the time.

    23. I used to pick my nose and wipe it on the wall.
    24. I’d rather be cold than hot.
    25. I always wait for that one person to sign on.
    26. I’m probably online too much for my own good.
    27. I am trying to lose weight and it’s not working out very well.
    28. I own a LOT of chapstick. A LOT.
    29. I love to buy paper… but I barely use it.
    30. I write in my paper journal once a day or more.
    31. I am an American, yet I find them annoying.
    32. I’ve used binoculars the wrong way before.
    33. I’m thirsty, but I can’t be bothered to go get something.
    34. My best friend is that of the opposite sex.
    35. My stomach hurts a little bit right now.
    36. Sometimes I feel really, really sorry for myself.
    37. Other times I feel really, really lucky.
    38. I have a friend (or more) who creeps me out.
    39. I have more than one shelf up in my room.
    40. It’s sunny out today.
    41. I don’t have a car.
    42. I’m very picky with food.
    43. I have a hard time with directions.
    44. I am a little bit obsessive compulsive, I think.

    45. I talk to myself in the mirror sometimes.
    46. I don’t have that many DVDs yet.
    48. I feel very sick if a movie is gory.
    49. I have a lot in common with my best friend(s). [Not all of them]
    50. I believe in the theory that opposites attract.

    51. I like someone who is at least four years older than me.
    52. I’ve started a fire/explosion in the microwave before.
    53. I’m worried that one of my pets will die soon.
    54. I have cut myself before and sometimes still want to.
    55. Never been THAT drunk, but it might be kinda fun.
    56. Sometimes I act drunk even when I’m not.
    57. It annoys me when people chew loudly.
    58. And breathe loudly.

    59. And click their pens like crazy.
    60. I enjoy bold surveys, mostly ‘cause I have no life.
    61. I’d rather have a popsicle than popcorn.

    62. I’d rather do laundry than the dishes.
    63. Someday, I will go to England.
    64. I’d rather be in a dark room than a bright one.
    65. My alarm clock annoys me very, very much.
    66. When I was younger, I went to summer school for fun.
    67. I was made fun of in middle school. That has scarred me.
    68. I’ve never eaten sushi and never will.
    69. I remember where I was when I first learned to whistle.
    70. If Barney is on TV, I will still sit there and watch.
    71. MySpace is annoying, but I’m pretty much addicted to it.
    72. I hAtE iT wHeN pPl TyPe LyK dIs!!!11
    73. When I talk to my crush, I basically stop breathing.
    74. People have told me that I’m sexy before.
    75. I never believe it when they do.

    76. I love to write, but whenever I start something new I can’t finish it.
    77. I love to read, but I can’t do it for a long time.
    78. If I lay down and watch TV, I end up falling asleep.

    79. I absolutely LOVE riding my bike.
    80. I love to play badminton, but I don’t play often.
    81. I have never been on a sports team before.
    82. I’m in at least one advanced placement class.
    83. I’m in the class of 2009.

    84. Jacuzzis and hot tubs are very relaxing.
    85. I have stood up and done something else during this survey.
    86. I space out a lot, but that’s ‘cause I think too much.
    87. I’ve made a shelf in a store collapse before.
    88. I’m a big crybaby, and I know it.
    89. I wouldn’t mind having a ferret for a pet.
    90. I love to watch home videos.

    91. I miss my childhood and wish I could go back.
    92. I’d rather brush my teeth normal than use an electric toothbrush.
    93. Dippin’ Dots are good, but not worth the money.
    94. I feel like I’m more confident than I used to be.
    95. My friends come to me for advice often.

    96. I’ve had over five significant others in my lifetime.

    97. I have cheated on one or more of them before.
    98. Last year’s math class was completely useless.
    99. I hate the fact that I’m growing up. I don’t want to.
    100. I miss a lot of my old friends, but not all of them.

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