• 101 things to do in 1001 days

    When I saw that list on the internet I was so thrilled! I just HAD to do it!! It took me some time but I think this list's pretty complete for me. So today is Day 1 .
    P.S.: Day 1001 should be on April 26, 2012


    1.Sell a piece of artwork.

    2.Draw every day for one month [0/30]
    3.Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
    4.Start and keep an art journal for a year
    5.Get my picture drawn in a caricature.


    6.Weigh less on day 1001 than I did on day 1.
    7.Go vegan for one week for 6 months [0/6]
    8.Get eight hours of sleep each night for a week.
    9.Walk from home to work or from work to home(once a week)
    10.No candy for a year
    11.Do 100 sit -ups "one-shot"
    12.Try a new vegetable or fruit
    13.Donate blood
    14.Try a new recipe at least once a month for a year[0/12]
    15.Cycle or walk to 10 places I would normally go to in the car[0/10]
    16.Drink only water and tea for 60 days[0/60]
    17.Eat at least one piece of fruit and/or vegetables each day for a month


    18.Compile a list of 101 books to read.
    19.Have a 250 manga & book collection[mangas: 55 books: 41 ]
    20.Write sweet notes and leave them in library books
    21.Suscribe to a magazine
    22.Attend a Book Club/ Readers Group
    23.Read all Jane Austen books [1/7]
    -Pride & prejuduice
    -Sense & sensibility
    -Mansfield park
    -Northanger Abbey
    -Lady Susan

    24.Read all Amelie Nothomb books [11/18]
    -Hygiène de l'assasin
    -Le sabotage amoureux
    -Les combustibles
    -Les catilinaires
    -Stupeur et tremblemants
    -Métaphysiques des tubes
    -Cosmétique de l'ennemi
    -Robert des noms propres
    -Biographie de la faim
    -Acide sulfurique
    -Journal d'hirondelle
    -Ni d'Ève, ni d'Adam
    -Le fait du prince
    -Le voyage d'hiver

    25.Go to a shelf in a used bookstore, count to book 20, buy it, and read it
    26.Get a blanket and a book and find a place to park it.


    27.Write your life story in less than a day.
    28.Write a story.
    29.Compile my 100 favourite poems. Make them into a spiral-bound book.
    30.Write a "smily notes" to your friends
    31.Write a letter to my future self for 1 year write 1 paragraph a month[0/12]
    32.Write a card for each special occasion for my family for a year.
    33.Fill a book of my favorite lyrics
    34.Make and write all my Christmas cards by October
    35.Reach 400 posts on my blog(not includig my pics posts)[47/400]

    Outside stuff

    36.Get up early and watch the sun rise 10 times[4/10]/ Look at sun set 10 times [2/10]
    37.Visit a new country outside of North America
    38.Go to a Convention wearing a costume [01/08/09]
    39.Go Camping
    40.Go see a musical
    41.Go to theater once a month (for a year)[0/12]
    42.Go tv free one day per week (for 6 months)
    43.Go to 5 museums / exhibition [0/5]
    44.Spend an entire night outside looking at the stars.
    45.See a shooting star
    46.See a ballet
    47.Have a water balloon fight.
    48.Go to 3 movies by myself[0/3]
    49.Go to a midnight movie
    50.Go to a live concert
    51.Have a picnic outside in a park or near a river
    52.Ride a Rollercoaster(Monstre & Goliath)
    53.Go to a five star restaurant
    54.Climb a tree
    55.Go to my old schools and thank my teachers

    Improve myself(socialy, mentaly)

    56.Get motorcycle lisence.
    57.Have 85 % or more on all my final notes (highschool & college)
    58.Make at least 5 new friends
    59.Donate to a charity
    60.Do 5 random acts of kindness[0/5]
    61.Take a dance class
    62.Plant a tree
    63.No TV or computer for 24 hours.
    64.Get a plant and make sure it does not die for one month (and longer after that
    65.Learn a foreign language (Japanese)
    66.Read a Japanese newspaper or magazine and understand it
    67.Give 5 dollars to a homeless person on the street.
    68.Find 50 things I like about myself[0/50]
    69.Have a computer free day once a month and do something creative/read/go out [3/33]
    70.Give 10 unexpected gifts.[0/10]
    71.Tell 10 people that seem unappreciated I am glad I met them[0/10]
    72.Surprise someone when it’s not their birthday.
    73.Record one thing a day that has made me happy for 30 days.[0/30]
    74.Send an anonymous gift or flowers

    Fun/random stuff for myself

    75.Get a kiss
    76.Do the ''100 themes art challenge'' [0/100]
    77.Save 1$ a day for each of the 1001 days [on going]
    78.Get a fun job
    79.Make myself a skirt, pants, t-shirt, blouse, dress, jacket
    80.Drink my first tequila
    81.Wink at someone you find attractive
    82.Ride a horse.
    83.Get a new desk
    84.Tie $20 to a helium balloon and let it go on a non-windy day
    85.Stay up for 24 hours straight for no reason.
    86.Update my blog every day for two weeks
    87.Fly a kite.
    88.Watch a B&W cinema classic.
    89.Blowing bubbles.
    90.Make a fun bet
    91.Build a sandcastle.
    92.Release a message in a bottle.
    93.Make a full Japanese meal for my family
    94.Take a bubble bath
    95.Dye my hair (streaks optional) [Red hair 26/08/09]
    96.Photograph my outfits everyday for a month
    97.Build a snowman
    98.Grow out my hair for 1001 days
    99.Buy Vivienne Westwood armour ring
    100.Carve a jack o' lantern.

    101.On Day 1001, publish a new 101 Things in 1001 Days list

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